About Us

My name is Maria and I’ll be keeping a blog to document our engagement and wedding. It’s mainly for me to look back on, because I’m like that! But I also want to make it useful for anyone else planning a wedding abroad, Sorrento in particular.

My fiancés name is Scott. We live in Barnsley in South Yorkshire. We have been together since 22nd August 2013 and got engaged in Rome in February 2016. We have now been together about 3 and half years and we are planning on a wedding in Sorrento, Italy, in 2019.


I am currently a trainee teacher in FE. I am a stationary geek who loves to be organised and have things to plan. I am also a perfectionist (praying this is not the recipe for a bridezilla!) Scott on the other hand, is my opposite. He is more like a 29 year old child and doesn’t know what the word ‘organised’ means. Despite us being so different, I think that’s what makes us work. Scott’s the one that gets me to take a step back, and I’m the one that kicks him into gear. We are ‘becoming team Mills’ because we say we are a team (weird I know).

The reason we are planning on a 2019 wedding is because we are buying a house later this year, and a 2018 wedding would be too much pressure financially. In total, our engagement period would be 3 and a half years! I suppose that is classed as a long engagement, but as we have been busy over the past year, we are starting wedding planning now, with 2 years to go!

We decided on a Sorrento wedding as I have family from Naples. Growing up, me and my family always used to go over in summer and stay in Sorrento and then jump on the train to visit relatives. I have the best childhood memories of these times, and I feel like the family roots in Naples are disappearing. Although I will always have a connection to this place as my second home, I want to keep the connection alive and make it a special place for other reasons. Scott was also up for this idea, so we have decided to ditch gloomy Barnsley and head for better climates.

I am so looking forward to this whole experience, and I will be trying to make the most of it all!