2017 Wedding To Do List

Our wedding is officially in two years time! Which sounds crazy. This year I have a few things on the to do list before things start to get hectic!

We think we have found our wedding organisers in Sorrento, the Don Pedro family. I have read so many great reviews about them and after being in touch with them over the past month, they seem great. We are meeting up with them in June and they are picking us up from our hotel, along with both of our parents! They have been so accommodating so far, I’m really looking forward to meeting with them and seeing their venues.

So this year I’m going to steadily ease myself into the planning and prep, because there’s literally nothing much we can do until we can book our ceremony date and time early on in 2018.

Here is my list:

  1. Create a rough guest list
  2. Set a budget
  3. Pick our reception venue
  4. Pick our colour scheme
  5. Pick some date and time options for the organisers
  6. Join the gym
  7. Lose some weight

We have already made a start on a few. We think we have our guest list along with a B list, we think we have our heart set on a venue (we will see in June!) and we have a rough idea on the colour scheme. I’m also joining the gym this week because I want to make a start for when I start trying on dresses, whenever I decide to start doing that, probably next year.

Ir’s all really little things but we have so much going on this year, saving for a house and buying one later this year and me finishing my teacher training and changing jobs later in the year. All that is quite a mission for us at the minute so this is a steady start.
Can’t wait to see the venues in June and it’s so exciting that both of our parents will be there for that too. Hopefully they like the one we do! Hopefully we like the one our heart is set on, which is a farm.


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Becoming Team Mills

Maria and Scott from Yorkshire, planning our Italian wedding in Sorrento.

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