Bride Rant #1: Our ‘long’ engagement

I think I’ve come to a stage now where there’s just nothing I can do, and I feel the need to have a rant. Is bridezilla emerging already? haha!
Officially, we’re about 2 years and 8 months away (although as we are in 2017, and the wedding is in 2019, I like to say 2 years away!). It’s hard at the minute because we can’t book our ceremony date until next year. That’s just how it works in Sorrento unfortunately, you can’t book a wedding until the year before. This is what’s really annoying me, as I like to be organised and plan things! With this there’s literally nothing I can do! I’m a massive planning and organisation freak, and to me this is torture! It’s like waiting I’m waiting for the go ahead. I already have ideas of what I want, but that’s literally all it can be right now.

Scott hasn’t visited Sorrento yet either. This is massively annoying to me right now! I can’t help but feel excited, but that’s because I know Sorrento and I can visualise it all. For him, he feels it’s really hard to picture at the minute. This really puts a downer on my excitement because I feel he isn’t excited with me. He does try his best though bless him, and he keeps buying me a wedding magazine here and there. I like to chat about the wedding but to him its a total no go at the minute. Not only because he can’t visualise our wedding at a place he has never visited, but because he probably doesn’t care less about colour schemes and types of flowers. I’d chat with my bridesmaids about it, but I know they’re busy at the minute and I also don’t want to start boring them 2 years away from the wedding.

I literally can’t wait until June. Scott feels excited to visit Sorrento and view venues, and I just feel excited to be able to finally share it all with him! I would say my best childhood memories are of being in Italy with my family and being able to show him where part of my roots are is just going to be the best feeling.

If anyone reading this is also like me and likes to plan things and be organised, but literally is unable to be that way right now, here are a few things I’ve done which can fill some of your time. Top tip: Try to space it out so it lasts longer! It’s difficult.

  1. Engagement party/ meal
  2. Asking your bridesmaids (a chance to get creative!)
  3. Researching and contacting wedding planners
  4. Researching venues
  5. Visiting the destination & venues
  6. PINTEREST! (a massive one!)
  7. Setting a budget
  8. Creating a draft guest list
  9. Enjoy it! Watch programmes like ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and read wedding magazines
  10. Wedding fairs
  11. Create a blog! (I know, I’m really scraping the barrel..)

Doing these things can save you time in the long run, like doing research in advance. However, its a double edged sword in the way that it just makes you want to power on and continue on with the planning. I sometimes wish I wasn’t a planning freak.

Maria xo


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Becoming Team Mills

Maria and Scott from Yorkshire, planning our Italian wedding in Sorrento.

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