Introducing my bridesmaids!

A few months after our engagement party, I was itching for something else to plan for the wedding. I was going to wait until this year, 2 years away from the wedding, to ask my bridesmaids. But me being me had to go ahead and do it. I always have to have something to do and some kind of project and so I made my bridesmaids a bridesmaid proposal box (pinterest inspired). I think it’s an American trend but it seems to be becoming popular over here. I’ll do a blog post on that later on.

Anyway, I knew I would always have my sister, Lucy, as my maid of honour for the simple fact she is my sister. Despite us always having our ups and downs as sisters do, she is my sister and she will always be there for me and I will always be there for her. I would never not have her involved in my wedding. Family is something in my eyes that is there for life and that to me is important. I know not everyone will share this view, and families can be tricky, but she was my first ‘obvious’ choice.

Me and Lucy on our last holiday together in Sorrento in 2013

Bridesmaid 1: Lucy
Lucy is my younger sister. She is 2.5 years younger than me. We have been bridesmaids as children twice for our cousins. She will make a great bridesmaid because I know she will tell me exactly what she thinks and won’t hold back and I appreciate honest opinions! She is also very familiar with the Sorrento area so that’s a great advantage for all sorts of reasons. 

I see the wedding as bringing our two families together, and I’d like to think I’m becoming part of his family like he is becoming part of mine. Making his sister, Amy, my bridesmaid seemed perfect because I’d like to think I’m gaining another sister when we get married.

Amy and me on holiday in Kos, 2016.

Bridesmaid 2: Amy
Amy is Scotts sister. She is 5 months younger than me. She has never been a bridesmaid before and I’m hoping she will have a great time being mine for the first time. She will be a great bridesmaid because I know she will always be up for all things wedding and she will never let me down. 


I’m so excited that I get to share my wedding day and the whole experience with these two. They will both be with me for life and I hope this is a time we will all be able to look back on. Before I asked them, I spoke to my friends about the fact that I would’t be asking my friends to be bridesmaids. I have close friends and not many friends that are just friends. I wouldn’t be able to ask one or two without the others, and I was facing the prospect of having 6 possible bridesmaids. Having a wedding abroad, trying to keep within a budget, and having a small guest list anyway just meant that 6 bridesmaids wasn’t practical. It’s the first time in the wedding process I’ve had to be harsh! But I’m happy with my  decision and I hope that my close friends can still make it to Sorrento for the wedding.



Our Engagement Party

When we got engaged in February, we knew we were going to have a long engagement so we thought we would make the most of it and have a party. When we returned from Rome, having just got engaged, we organised a meal with both of our families.

Later on in June, we celebrated with a party! I was so lucky that my friends from all over the country managed to make it, and we had a great time celebrating with family and friends. In planning the party, we really managed to keep the costs down, and we were really fortunate in that aspect.

We hired a golf club venue which cost only £100 with a refundable £75 deposit. A friend of Scott’s was our DJ and one of his friends also did our cake (which was amazing)! I asked her for a gold cake with some sparkle, and showed her some pictures on Pinterest, and the cake she made us was so cute! The picture really doesn’t do it justice. She is really creative and at the minute she is currently making quirky baby clothes (Alex and the Bea if anyone is interested). She also provided us with white chair covers that she had, and it really finished off the venue.


With the decorations, I ordered some gold ring balloons from Ebay (well in advance as they were from China!) and also some gold heart shaped balloons. I then got the usual round balloons from Card Factory. We got them filled with helium (thanks Amy!) and put them in bunches of three around the tables. I went with a gold theme and they looked great!


I also got a variety of table confetti and mixed that up and sprinkled it around the tables. I also bought some ‘photo booth props’ despite not having a photo booth, they were really fun and everyone had pictures with them.



The planning and preparation did take a while. All of our family and friends pulled together for us and made it extra special. Our mums did the buffet (it was more like a feast for 1000 people!) and it was great, despite the fact I didn’t actually get chance to eat anything! We were so busy putting on chair covers and arranging the venue on the day that me and Scott were actually late to our own party! Not by very long, but we were late! haha. Here is a picture we had taken just after we had practically ran to the venue:


My friend Beth actually picked out my dress. I was determined not to wear black, but in the end I got a black dress! My wardrobe consists of barely any colour, so why should I change that now? haha! It was from River Island, and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have had anything to wear. I did my own makeup, I didn’t see the point in having it done just for an engagement party. I chose to wear MAC’s Ruby Woo to brighten up my black dress a bit haha!

I’m so happy we decided to have an engagement party. I would fully recommend it to anyone who is having a long engagement, and has the chance to plan an extra party. It’s really great to be able to enjoy the celebration with family and friends, and to make the most of the time you are engaged. Although I feel right now that the wedding is ages away, I’m glad we chose to fill the time with celebrations and time well spent to those close to us. It also really shows a lot about people, and shows who the amazing people are in your life. It’s also a great tip to not invite people to the wedding who didn’t make the effort to come to your engagement party.