Why a Sorrento Wedding?

I’m beginning to get so excited about being back in Sorrento this year. I’m counting down the days (there’s 91 to go!). So I thought I’d do a post on why we’re getting married in Sorrento, and just to remind myself on why I love it so much (as though I don’t know already).
The main reason I’m so attached to Sorrento is because my grandma was from a town near Naples. Although she died before I was born, my parents have always took me and my sister there to visit family. We always stayed in Sorrento and got the train over for our visits. I always felt so lucky growing up and being able to have these holidays and family visits. I will always have happy memories of sitting around my aunty’s table, chatting and eating endless amounts of food. We used to bring over gifts which always included boxes of tea for the whole family. We then had so many gifts to take back home for ourselves and the rest of the family, which one time included a massive stick of salami and a children’s tent! People wouldn’t believe the things we have put in our suitcases!

Dad back in 2008 watching Formula One at my aunty’s house
My sister on my aunty’s balcony 

My mums aunty, who I considered my second grandma, sadly passed away in 2009. Pictures such as these are special to me as it reminds me of all the happy memories in her flat.

I think having the wedding in Sorrento is really sentimental for me, it’s like a second home and it will always be special to me. I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else and I don’t think I’d even consider a wedding in England. I’m lucky Scott is happy to go with this! Although my family aren’t from Sorrento, I have lots of great memories staying there, and it’s a great tourist base for all of our guests

As well as my main reason, there’s really not anything to dislike about Sorrento. It is a town on the Bay of Naples, on a cliff edge. If you are a fan of beaches I wouldn’t really recommend Sorrento. Although it has had tourist influences, it is still massively Italian. On a night, the main road, Corso Italia, is shut off and Italian families and tourists go out for an evening stroll. Bars, restaurants and shops are open until late. It is not a rowdy area, so would be no good for a crazy hen or stag do. Drinks (and Sorrento in general) is quite expensive, so it’s something to keep in mind. It’s a great base for guests, with lots of hotels all in close proximity. If it’s all inclusive you are after though, this is not the place. There is a train station, busses and a port (Marina Piccola), which means tripping off is easy. I would highly recommend using the public transport as it’s really straight forward and cheap to do. From Sorrento you can go to Positano, Amalfi, Capri, Pompei, Ercolano, Naples, Vesuvius and probably more! So if guests want to come over for more than just the wedding, there is plenty to do.
Everyone I have spoken to (and the many people my family have taken to Italy over the years) have fell in love. Many people you meet in Sorrento have been before, because once you have been, I guarantee you will want to go back!

The view from our balcony in 2013 




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Becoming Team Mills

Maria and Scott from Yorkshire, planning our Italian wedding in Sorrento.

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