The advantages of a wedding abroad

Although it was an obvious choice to get married in Italy for me, there are so many advantages of getting married abroad, for anyone who may be considering it. I may also do a disadvantages post, because there are some! Like with anything, it’s about weighing up the pros and cons, and whats important to you. In this post I’m going to talk about what some of the major pros were for us.

  1. Less guests
    For anyone wanting a smaller wedding, a wedding abroad really helps with keeping the guest list down. We will be having approximately 40 guests (as it stands).But having a wedding abroad really helps when you don’t want to invite certain people because you feel you have to. We’re keeping it to close friends and family only, and being strict on that. Plus, guests who really care for you will pay to travel to be there.
  2.  Easier to select the wedding party
    By this I mean bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. Because again, only close friends/family will be involved and pay to go abroad. I personally selected our sisters as bridesmaids not only for the fact they are my sisters, but I didn’t want my friends to feel obliged to come as bridesmaids if they felt they couldn’t afford it. I feel that being strict on guests helps you to be stricter on the wedding party.
  3. Guaranteed good weather *touch wood*
    I say guaranteed, but by this I mean it’s a lot more guaranteed than a wedding in the UK! And when the suns out, everything feels so much better doesn’t it? 🙂
  4. Your wedding is something different 
    Depending on what you want and where you go, your wedding can be more unique than the typical British wedding. Because of this, photos can be really different and amazing!
  5. It can be cheaper (sometimes) 
    Again, this depends on where you go and what it is you want. There is the added cost of your flights and hotel, but if you have less guests it can be a lot cheaper than at home. Just be careful not to get carried away, or it would be cheaper to have a UK wedding.
  6. Better quality
    In Sorrento, I feel like I’m guaranteed better quality than I am in the UK, in terms of food and drink. Everything always tastes a lot fresher and I don’t feel stuck with the traditional UK wedding food. I can’t say this for all weddings abroad, but I feel happy that going with cheaper menu options I will still get good quality food. In this aspect, I’d say its a good idea to visit your venues and destination first.
  7. A holiday for the whole family 
    It will be nice to have close friends and family all in one place on holiday. It will create happy memories for everyone, and guests can turn the occasion into a holiday.
  8. Stress free planning 
    When getting married abroad the majority of people hire a planner. They can have varying levels of involvement, but it can be reassuring to know someone else is watching over the flow of the day and making sure things are going smoothly. This avoids you having to tackle any issues on the day.



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Becoming Team Mills

Maria and Scott from Yorkshire, planning our Italian wedding in Sorrento.

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