Let the wedding planning begin!

We have been home from Italy a week tomorrow, it’s gone crazy fast. We had a lovely time but unfortunately the holiday went so fast too and we didn’t really spend much time relaxing.

Whilst we were there we visited Capri, Pompei and made an attempted visit to Naples! There was a fire on the track which meant we couldn’t get there, and it was our last day, so disappointing. We also went to Sorrento market, much to Scott’s despair. As well as getting out and about, we wondered around Sorrento, ate lots of amazing food and icecream and visited our beautiful ceremony venue (numerous times!).
In addition to all this, we met with our amazing wedding organisers and briefly met our wedding planner. We viewed three reception venues, and for quite a while we were stuck deciding between two.

I’m going to do blog posts on each venue and the trips we had on our holiday. There were a few things we missed that I would have liked to do, which we will have to do on our next trip over. For example, I didn’t get to take Scott to Portici (where my family are from). We also didn’t get to go into Pompei church because I had shorts on, it isn’t usually an issue, but a wedding arrived later on so I’m guessing thats why. Like I said, we also didn’t make it to Naples and we were going to do the underground tour there.

I’m so gutted to be home, and reality kicked in straight away the morning after getting home, when I had my induction for my new job. I’m pleased now though that the official wedding planning can begin, and it all feels so much more real. I’m also so pleased Scott likes Sorrento (hopefully he isn’t lying haha).

Next thing to do is pick our dates to pass on to our wedding planner, and these should be confirmed for us early next year!