Getting the bridesmaids together

For a while now I’ve wanted to get the bridesmaids together (my sister and Scott’s sister). I think it’s nice to build up relationships before I throw them in on the wedding day/ hen do, or whatever it may be. Because they’re my sisters as well I think it’s nice to bring the families together.

We went out for a meal at a local pub and ended up staying and chatting for hours afterwards, oops!


The main aim of the first get together was just to let them get to know each other, and feel less like strangers. I know if I was in their shoes I’d want to know the other bridesmaids so we could get our heads together with hen do plans and have a great time on the day.
Although this was my main aim, I had a few things jotted down on my phone that I wanted to bring into conversation (slightly bridezilla I know). Some were what I wanted to know now, and others were just extras. The conversations didn’t revolve much around the wedding though, which I didn’t really mind because to me it sometimes doesn’t feel real. I’m not an adult yet!

One thing we established was what dresses they want. I’m quite laid back with this but luckily their ideas fit in with my vision. The perks of only having two bridesmaids is that they are so much easier to please and come to agreements with things. They both agreed on light blue, straps, skater dress style and short. We also chatted a bit about when it’s going to be (times, dates) and where, which has been something I’ve been debating with in my mind slightly.

I’m really pleased I got them both together and I feel so lucky to have a pair of laid back but interested bridesmaids and sisters. I know neither of them will let me down and they will be there for me through out the planning.


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Becoming Team Mills

Maria and Scott from Yorkshire, planning our Italian wedding in Sorrento.

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