DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

I always love having a project and when I saw all of these bridesmaid proposal ideas on pinterest I knew I had to do it. I think it’s an American thing but from what I can see it’s also getting big over here in the UK. I had so many ideas for asking them but I decided to create them a little gift box in the end because I couldn’t decide on one thing and wanted something for them to keep.

Lucy has been a bridesmaid twice in the past when we were kids but this is her first real experience of being one and being involved in the wedding. For Amy it is her first time too and so I really wanted to make it special for them both and really let them know that they are important to me and that I want them to be part of the whole thing.

I will write below where I bought all of the items to make the box. Here are what I made:

The outside of the boxes

Usually I’m a monochrome kind of girl but with this for some reason I went about as out there as you can be.

The outside of the boxes:

  • Box from savers (home bargains)
  • Gold letters cut out from sparkly envelopes from savers (home bargains)


Inside the lid of Amy’s box
Inside the lid of Lucy’s box 

I found the quotes and sayings on Pinterest, but I changed them around and altered them to be more how I wanted them to be.

Inside the lid I used:

  • Pink paper from a pack of paper I already had
  • Gold sticker letters from Wilkinson
  • Scrapbooking/ card making gems from Wilkinson


On opening the boxes, I covered the contents with gold tissue paper and wrote them a little note inside an envelope with poems that I had found on Pinterest but changed slightly.

  • Gold tissue paper – Card Factory
  • Tiny envelopes – Savers (Home bargains)
Inside Amy’s box
Inside Lucy’s box


For the contents of the boxes, I started buying little bits, the wedding day Yankee Candle was the first thing. I intended to give them their boxes in summer 2017 after returning from Sorrento, but after I started I just couldn’t stop and the boxes became a project that I just had to complete!

In the boxes:

  • Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • Baci chocolate
  • Wedding Day sample size Yankee Candle
  • Riviera Escape Yankee Candle wax melt
  • Rose gold compact mirror –  Primark
  • White and gold polka dot notebook  – savers/home bargains
  • Images of Sorrento and where we are looking at getting married
  • Personalised ‘Team Bride’ mugs – Vistaprint
  • Soap and Glory Righteous Butter (Amy’s box) – Boots
  • Soap and Glory Hand Food (Lucy’s box) – Boots
  • ‘Beautiful’ make up bag (Lucy’s box) – Primark
  • Days until I’m a Bridesmaid chalk countdown plaque (Amy’s box) – Candletime

They’re made up of lots of little bits and bobs, but I tried to keep a bit of a theme. Both chocolates are Italian. The candles are wedding themed, with the Rivera one intending to mean the Neapolitan Riviera. I absolutely love the mugs I created on Vista print. The quality turned out really good and I’m really happy with them. I would love one for myself! I altered the contents depending on who I was giving it to. I didn’t think Lucy was the kind of person to have a countdown plaque so I replaced hers with a makeup bag. I also considered putting nail polish in there but didn’t end up doing so. On Pinterest lots of people put alcohol in there but neither of my bridesmaids really drink. My original intention was to get lots of Italian bits to put in there from Sorrento, but like I said I love a project and once I get started there’s no stopping me.

I loved making these boxes and I really hoped they liked them. Of course they both said yes!